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I poured his alcohol away…

I moved in with one of my gents from Belvedere escorts knowing that he had a bit of a problem with drink. At the time, he was just leaving the company that he had worked for many years, and I knew that his problem was linked to his job. He was always taking clients out to dinner and was expected to have drink with them. In the end, I think that he lost control of his drinking habit and it all became too much for him.

We talked about it a lot when he used to date me at Belvedere escorts. When I moved in with him, he was determined to stop drinking so we went to see a counsellor on my suggestion. He had wanted to do so for years but not had any real support. I did feel sorry for Simon as I realised very early that he did not want to live his life this way so I was more than happy to help him change.

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It was not an easily process at all, and a lot related to his job. At first I thought that things would be get better quickly once he had left his job but it didn’t. He always wanted to go out for dinner and that meant at least a bottle of wine. I was sure that he did not mean to drink that much but I also new that I would not be able to stop him. In the end, it was something that he had to do himself.

Simon had been seeing his counsellor for about six months when he started to reject drink. One evening when we went out, he ordered water instead. We sat in this really nice restaurant and enjoyed our meal just as much. It was a little bit like seeing a new man emerge in front of me, and I felt positive about the future. The friendly drunk that used to come and visit me at Belvedere escorts, was gradually changing.

A couple of weeks later, Simon started to play golf. Of course, like I said to my girls at Belvedere escorts, I was worried that he would find the 19th hole, but he did not seem to do that. To my surprise, he had turned a corner and was actually rather happy. Yes, he did become a bit addicted to golf but it got him fit so it was not a problem for me at all. I laughingly told my boss at Belvedere escorts that I was now a golf widow.

About ten months after we had moved in together, Simon asked me to join him in the kitchen. I had just come out of the bath and ran down stairs. He sounded so excited that I thought that was something wrong. When I came into the kitchen, he was stood at the sink surrounded by bottles. Let’s pour it all away he said and so we did. When I went into Belvedere escorts the next day, I knew that I could do so knowing that Simon would not touch a drop. It was time for me to move on as well, and take on new challenges in life. Perhaps I should also take up golf.