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4 Sex Tips…from a Comic

Hey, Knower and Doer of Stuff here and yeah, I’ve had some sex…purely experimental & informational from, of course. Now that I’ve had, literally thousands of encounters I think I’m pretty much qualified to be an Expert Sex Haver.
No, I’m not THAT slutty, just a lot of repeats and an extremely high referral rate as a serial monogamer.
I have a bedside copy of The Kama Sutra and I’ve studied extensively with the most well known sexologists around the US including Dr. Ruth, Dr. Drew and Doctor Dre.
Keep these things in mind as you’re replaying your spank bank and thinking of baseball:
1) Role play is a GREAT and an excellent excuse to put on your old cheerleading uniform from high school! And yeah, I still fit mine. I like things to fit tightly. *wink*
Note: it’s a good idea to have a code word. Mine is Stop… which is Latin for stop.
2) Tips on having sex in public…plan on being videotaped…or arrested…or both.
Cops are perverts.
3) Don’t use date rape drugs. Did you know that Rohibnol is Latin for really lazy?
4) Only have sex with people that WANT to have sex with you. So you can’t just get to know me by slinking in through my bedroom window and getting into bed with me…that’s called rape. Rape is from the Latin, “You will be chased down, arrested, put on trial in front of a jury of your peers, convicted and thrown into a teeny, tiny man-cage.”

Now go…and have some hot, sweaty fun…and let me know how it goes. I’m not gonna tell you don’t get arrested for rape, but I will say say DON’T RAPE instead hire an escort to fulfill your desires from