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Do all men cheat?

Not all men cheat but there are certain groups of men that cheat more than others. A couple of escorts that I know have made up a little of the professions which seem to cheat the most.

You will not be surprised to find out that on top of this list comes business travelers. Escorts from say that the large majority of their dates are cheating business men.

As a close second comes pilots. Escorts say that many pilots seem to love to cheat, and have a friend in almost every place they visit. The same used to be said for sailors but it sounds like pilots have now taken the number two spot. After pilots we see a long list of professionals such as solicitors, barrister and even judges. It is interesting to note that the next three spots are occupied by people in the legal field.

After that comes the politicians but the less said about them the better. Politicians have always been known as cheaters of one kind or the other.

Cheating by Profession

Escorts claim that a large majority of their dates are indeed professionals who are cheating husbands, or just cheat on their long term partners. They seem to get a real kick out of it, but many escorts also wonder how many women know and just let their partners get away with it. Personally, I wonder if escorts would be so lenient with their partners if they knew they cheated.

Business Travelers

Business travelers have the perfect opportunity to cheat on their partners. They are often out of town and traveling around the world. Meeting new girls must be a little bit exciting for them, and I suppose many also do not like sitting alone in a restaurant night after night.

Once the business is done, a business traveler’s life can be very lonely. He or she might be away from home 5 days or more per week. The lifestyle may sound exciting but it seldom is and this is perhaps why many of them cheat. Escorts do claim they date more business men than any other profession.


Pilots also cheat a lot. Of course, they are away from home and many of them claim they are surrounded by temptation all the time.

Perhaps this gives us a general idea why so many men cheat, or play away from home. They simply cannot resist temptation and in the end they just give in.

Pilots seem to have a lot of different escorts which they like to date. On many occasions the escorts they date are more exotic, and they seem to prefer dating escorts from other countries than the one they have just flown into.

The Legal Profession

This profession seems to come into a league of its own when it comes to cheating. From the lowest surveying solicitor to a high court judge, they all seem to love to cheat. The reason why is not very clear but perhaps they are all secret law breakers and bad boys at heart.

Cheating men seldom mean to hurt their wives and their partners, they almost just seem to cheat out habit. Perhaps women should do a bit of research into a man’s profession before they marry him. I have never heard of cheating archeologists … lucky me???

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