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How to Incorporate Food in Sex to Spice Things up

Let’s be honest, relationships are hard to maintain and they require a lot of work from both ends. This is more true in marriage where monotony and familiarity kicks in. This is the point where infidelity and hiring Maidenhead escorts starts happening to kill boredom and feel alive again. Fortunately, there are more than a few things that married people in Maidenhead can do to spice things up especially in their sex life and avoid such painful occurrences. One of these ways is to incorporate food in the bedroom during sex to make things more exciting. Whoever said the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach couldn’t be more right because food can be great aphrodisiac. If you are nervous about introducing food into your sex life talk to one of the Charlotte girls Maidenhead escorts. Maidenhead escorts can be a great help in organising such events for the first time and are open to all kinds of discussion without making you feel judged.

Here are a few ways to include food in sex;

1. The first tip is of course to have the sexy foods close by.

· Go to your local Maidenhead store and pick up everything that can be used during sex and that both of you can enjoy. These foods include whipped cream, chocolates, strawberries, ice cream, honey and many others. Escorts in Maidenhead suggest avoiding items that provoke allergic reactions.

· One should buy chocolate body paint instead of real chocolate to avoid crusting and check the temperature before applying anything on your partner.

· Lick the honey, chocolate and whipped cream from your partner sensually and slowly.

· Prepare fruits in advance for easy eating and feed each other sensually and kissing to exchange fruits. Maidenhead escorts say have towels ready for messy fruits.

2. Another way Maidenhead escorts say you can incorporate food in sex is to buy edible underwear and your spouse can eat them while they are taking them off you.

3. Flavoured condoms. They might not be edible but the smell and the flavour of these condoms are very stimulating. There are bananas, strawberry and even pineapple flavoured condoms. The lady can have fun by trying to put it on her man with her mouth.

4. Flavoured ice cubes. Maidenhead escorts say you can be quite creative with ice cubes; · The flavoured ice cubes makes the mouth tasty and cool which is great for kissing.

· Do oral sex on your partner with an ice cube behind your tongue. The cool dripping water is not only explosive on genitals but makes the whole experience tastier.

· Touch the nipples with those ice cubes and alternate with gently sucking them. Ice makes them hard and sensitive.

5. Champagne

· Toast to a glass of sizzling champagne on a candle lit bath.

· Share kisses with the mouth full of champagne.

· Gently spill the champagne on each other and watch as the bubbles come up and then lick each other.

6. Cook together. This is probably Maidenhead escorts favourite one, Peeling and kneading things together can be very sensual if you know what to do. Use this opportunity to give each other sexy glances, pretend to touch inappropriately by mistake and feel every moment.

Maidenhead escorts advise to be careful,

· Stay away from salty and savoury foods. Only use sweet and light foods with sex.

· Keep the food away from private parts because the acids and ingredients can irritate and worse cause infection.

· Always discuss this with your partner to ensure they are on board. Some people will die at the sight of sticky food on their clean bed sheets.

Do all men cheat?

Not all men cheat but there are certain groups of men that cheat more than others. A couple of escorts that I know have made up a little of the professions which seem to cheat the most.

You will not be surprised to find out that on top of this list comes business travelers. Escorts from say that the large majority of their dates are cheating business men.

As a close second comes pilots. Escorts say that many pilots seem to love to cheat, and have a friend in almost every place they visit. The same used to be said for sailors but it sounds like pilots have now taken the number two spot. After pilots we see a long list of professionals such as solicitors, barrister and even judges. It is interesting to note that the next three spots are occupied by people in the legal field.

After that comes the politicians but the less said about them the better. Politicians have always been known as cheaters of one kind or the other.

Cheating by Profession

Escorts claim that a large majority of their dates are indeed professionals who are cheating husbands, or just cheat on their long term partners. They seem to get a real kick out of it, but many escorts also wonder how many women know and just let their partners get away with it. Personally, I wonder if escorts would be so lenient with their partners if they knew they cheated.

Business Travelers

Business travelers have the perfect opportunity to cheat on their partners. They are often out of town and traveling around the world. Meeting new girls must be a little bit exciting for them, and I suppose many also do not like sitting alone in a restaurant night after night.

Once the business is done, a business traveler’s life can be very lonely. He or she might be away from home 5 days or more per week. The lifestyle may sound exciting but it seldom is and this is perhaps why many of them cheat. Escorts do claim they date more business men than any other profession.


Pilots also cheat a lot. Of course, they are away from home and many of them claim they are surrounded by temptation all the time.

Perhaps this gives us a general idea why so many men cheat, or play away from home. They simply cannot resist temptation and in the end they just give in.

Pilots seem to have a lot of different escorts which they like to date. On many occasions the escorts they date are more exotic, and they seem to prefer dating escorts from other countries than the one they have just flown into.

The Legal Profession

This profession seems to come into a league of its own when it comes to cheating. From the lowest surveying solicitor to a high court judge, they all seem to love to cheat. The reason why is not very clear but perhaps they are all secret law breakers and bad boys at heart.

Cheating men seldom mean to hurt their wives and their partners, they almost just seem to cheat out habit. Perhaps women should do a bit of research into a man’s profession before they marry him. I have never heard of cheating archeologists … lucky me???

4 Sex Tips…from a Comic

Hey, Knower and Doer of Stuff here and yeah, I’ve had some sex…purely experimental & informational from, of course. Now that I’ve had, literally thousands of encounters I think I’m pretty much qualified to be an Expert Sex Haver.
No, I’m not THAT slutty, just a lot of repeats and an extremely high referral rate as a serial monogamer.
I have a bedside copy of The Kama Sutra and I’ve studied extensively with the most well known sexologists around the US including Dr. Ruth, Dr. Drew and Doctor Dre.
Keep these things in mind as you’re replaying your spank bank and thinking of baseball:
1) Role play is a GREAT and an excellent excuse to put on your old cheerleading uniform from high school! And yeah, I still fit mine. I like things to fit tightly. *wink*
Note: it’s a good idea to have a code word. Mine is Stop… which is Latin for stop.
2) Tips on having sex in public…plan on being videotaped…or arrested…or both.
Cops are perverts.
3) Don’t use date rape drugs. Did you know that Rohibnol is Latin for really lazy?
4) Only have sex with people that WANT to have sex with you. So you can’t just get to know me by slinking in through my bedroom window and getting into bed with me…that’s called rape. Rape is from the Latin, “You will be chased down, arrested, put on trial in front of a jury of your peers, convicted and thrown into a teeny, tiny man-cage.”

Now go…and have some hot, sweaty fun…and let me know how it goes. I’m not gonna tell you don’t get arrested for rape, but I will say say DON’T RAPE instead hire an escort to fulfill your desires from

How to use food in sex

The first step to a good romping session with food is to let go of any fears you have about the bedding getting dirty. It’s going to happen, so just accept it. Don’t worry about your sheets. Don’t worry about getting sticky — just have fun with it! (If you really can’t get past this, have your playtime in the kitchen!)

As an adult, you’re able to not only eat your food but play with it, too. While whipped cream is the go-to edible accessory for bedroom play, there are so many other fun foods to use! the play the same role as sex toys in in the bedroom.
If you are prone to yeast infections, avoid sugary foods on, in or near the vulva.
Make sure all foods that are/will be inserted into the body are washed well prior to play.
Any food that is going to be inserted places should have a condom on it, switching it out when going from one place to another to avoid infection.
Avoid anything that may sting sensitive tissues or open cuts. This includes vinegar, hot sauce, citrus juice and salty foods.

When you think about aloe vera, your first thought is probably sunburn. It is one of those staple products that you have in your home or pack with you on a vacation. But did you know that aloe vera has tons of awesome healing agents? Aloe vera can also be used in the bedroom as a natural lubricant. Most lubricants currently on the market can contain harmful chemicals that are also found in oven cleaner and antifreeze (um, no thanks)! Try Aloe Cadabra, the only brand-certified product to new organic standards. Made with 95 percent of organic aloe vera, this product is fun, clean, useful… and edible!

Playing with temperatures is a great way to stimulate different erogenous zones. Use warm chocolate sauce, ice cream, JELL-O, fruits and ice pops! When using whipped cream, try a variety of them. Cool Whip is a really great substitute to the aerosol cans. Those tend to be loud and obnoxious (think of the sound they make!). Have fun with your foods! Start amateur by creating a little dessert buffet along the belly, back, bottom, breasts, legs or neck.

Have fun, stay safe and enjoy your sexploration!

Sex Tips You’ll Actually Try

Engage in afterplay
Done with the main event? Now’s the perfect time to return to some foreplay favorites, says sex educator Emily Nagoski. “Because you’re already aroused, you may find that certain moves can feel extra-intense,” she explains. Not only that, but if you’ve always been curious but shy to try something new, like, say a type of toy, after intercourse can be a great time to engage because when you’re already aroused, and may be less inhibited. Plus, there’s no pressure on the trick to actually work. You’re just having fun for fun’s sake.

Open the windows—but close the curtains
The feel of the breeze on your bare skin and the ever-so-slight possibility that the neighbors might hear your moans can be incredibly arousing, says Harlan Cohen, author of Getting Naked. Or, if you’re feeling even more daring, instigate a makeout session in your backyard as it gets dark. Even though it’s remote, the fear you could get caught produces an adrenaline rush that adds a layer of excitement and urgency to the encounter.