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How to Incorporate Food in Sex to Spice Things up

Let’s be honest, relationships are hard to maintain and they require a lot of work from both ends. This is more true in marriage where monotony and familiarity kicks in. This is the point where infidelity and hiring Maidenhead escorts starts happening to kill boredom and feel alive again. Fortunately, there are more than a few things that married people in Maidenhead can do to spice things up especially in their sex life and avoid such painful occurrences. One of these ways is to incorporate food in the bedroom during sex to make things more exciting. Whoever said the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach couldn’t be more right because food can be great aphrodisiac. If you are nervous about introducing food into your sex life talk to one of the Charlotte girls Maidenhead escorts. Maidenhead escorts can be a great help in organising such events for the first time and are open to all kinds of discussion without making you feel judged.

Here are a few ways to include food in sex;

1. The first tip is of course to have the sexy foods close by.

· Go to your local Maidenhead store and pick up everything that can be used during sex and that both of you can enjoy. These foods include whipped cream, chocolates, strawberries, ice cream, honey and many others. Escorts in Maidenhead suggest avoiding items that provoke allergic reactions.

· One should buy chocolate body paint instead of real chocolate to avoid crusting and check the temperature before applying anything on your partner.

· Lick the honey, chocolate and whipped cream from your partner sensually and slowly.

· Prepare fruits in advance for easy eating and feed each other sensually and kissing to exchange fruits. Maidenhead escorts say have towels ready for messy fruits.

2. Another way Maidenhead escorts say you can incorporate food in sex is to buy edible underwear and your spouse can eat them while they are taking them off you.

3. Flavoured condoms. They might not be edible but the smell and the flavour of these condoms are very stimulating. There are bananas, strawberry and even pineapple flavoured condoms. The lady can have fun by trying to put it on her man with her mouth.

4. Flavoured ice cubes. Maidenhead escorts say you can be quite creative with ice cubes; · The flavoured ice cubes makes the mouth tasty and cool which is great for kissing.

· Do oral sex on your partner with an ice cube behind your tongue. The cool dripping water is not only explosive on genitals but makes the whole experience tastier.

· Touch the nipples with those ice cubes and alternate with gently sucking them. Ice makes them hard and sensitive.

5. Champagne

· Toast to a glass of sizzling champagne on a candle lit bath.

· Share kisses with the mouth full of champagne.

· Gently spill the champagne on each other and watch as the bubbles come up and then lick each other.

6. Cook together. This is probably Maidenhead escorts favourite one, Peeling and kneading things together can be very sensual if you know what to do. Use this opportunity to give each other sexy glances, pretend to touch inappropriately by mistake and feel every moment.

Maidenhead escorts advise to be careful,

· Stay away from salty and savoury foods. Only use sweet and light foods with sex.

· Keep the food away from private parts because the acids and ingredients can irritate and worse cause infection.

· Always discuss this with your partner to ensure they are on board. Some people will die at the sight of sticky food on their clean bed sheets.