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BDSM for the first time

I had always fancied trying BDSM, but I was not sure it was from me. It was not until I met Siri from Islington escorts that I was brave enough to try it. At first I did not know that Siri was into BDSM at all. It was not until she started to talk about the dungeon she ran on special days for the agency when I realised that there was more to sexy Siri than I first thought. Soon after that, we sat up our first BDSM date.

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Is BDSM for everybody? To be fair, I don’t think that BDSM is for everybody. I have a couple of friends who think that BDSM is really cool, but they have never tried. If I am to be totally honest, I am not sure what turns me on about BDSM. The only thing that I do know is that my pleasure and pain centers are very close to each other. When you stimulate one, you normally get a reaction from the other one. That is exactly what Siri from Islington escorts sat out to explore.

I thought that my first session with Siri from Islington escorts was going to be a complete disaster, but it turned out to be the opposite. Like most other guys who are getting an introduction date into BDSM, I thought that it was going to be full on from the start, but it is not like that at all. At least it was not like that with Siri. She really took her time to explore what I needed and how far she could take things. I actually found that I got more out of the date than I initially thought that I would.

IS BDSM sexy? I think that BDSM is sexy but I am not sure it is about that really. Siri from Islington escorts says that BDSM takes place in your mind. Yes, it is a physical experience at the same time, but if you want to feel really good about it, you need to enjoy in your mind as well. Some people are just too worried about letting BDSM into their minds according to Siri, and that is why a lot of people don’t enjoy it.

Now I have a new girlfriend and we have both been to see Siri from Islington escorts . She is happy to look after everybody. At first my girlfriend was really reluctant to try BDSM but Siri showed her how good it can be for a woman. Sire has so many little treats when it comes to the entire BDSM experience, and if you are looking to try BDSM for the first time, I think that she is the ideal date for you. I am glad she was able to get me into BDSM but I am even happier that she has taught my new girlfriend to enjoy the art of BDSM. We don’t indulge in BDSM all of the time, but we have really started to get a kick out of it.

How to store your bling safely

Are you the proud owner of a lot of bling? Let’s be honest, there are some people around with a serious amount of bling. I keep on wondering where they put it all when they are not using it. Surely, they are not daft enough to do what some celebs do and live it strewn around their home or hotel room. One of the girls here at London escorts have got some really generous dates who give her a lot of bling, and she says that she really looks after it. So, what are the best ways to look after your bling?

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I have been given a few nice things here at London escorts, but I cannot say that they are worth a lot of money. To be honest, I am pretty sure that I would get my money back if I claimed on my home insurance. However, if you have a lot of nice bling, I think that it might be a good idea to check out some alternative insurance. There are companies out there who specialize in this kind of insurance and you really need to go ahead and contact one of those.


If you have a lot of nice bling in your home, you should also try to make sure that you have a safe in your home. There are many different types of safes that you can buy. One of the best types of safe, is a safe that fits into the floor or wall. That ensures that nobody can walk away with your safe, and all of the things that you keep in it. It is a good idea to place your safe in a place like a wardrobe. Sure, the robbers might look there, but it will keep them busy for a little while longer.


Should you actually travel with a lot of bling? Whenever I go on holiday, I never take my nicest pieces of bling. It may be tempting to do that, but I don’t think that is a good idea. Speaking to the other girls here at London escorts, it is clear that many of them leave their nice things at home as well. I am sure that it would be nice to show your things off on a holiday, but it not something that I would recommend at all. Most of the girls here at London escorts tend to be very careful.


It would be nice to be rich and have a lot of bling, but is it really something that you need. I am not sure about that. I have some nice bling and I like to look after that. My attitude towards bling is rather different that most people. I am happy to receive nice pieces from my gents here at London escorts, but I don’t look at them as something permanent. It is okay at the moment, but to be honest, I kind of look at my bling as a pension plan. Once I have done my job here and would like to leave the escort agency, I think that I will sell my bling off and do something better with it. Yes, I know that I could always keep certain very treasured pieces of bling.


A Passion for escorting

I know that not all girls have a passion for escorting but I really enjoy it. The battersea escorts agency at this site is not the first London escort service that I have worked. Like most other escorts in London, I like to move around a bit and swap agencies. It is just nice, and the main benefit is that you don’t get the chance to be bored at all. The problem with other jobs is that you probably would have to move miles away to find a similar job, and this is why I like working for escort services in London.

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To be fair, London is a bit like m,y play ground. I have always liked living in London, and I don’t think that I will ever move away. The nice thing is that with escorting, you can experience different parts of London. Living in Battersea and working for Battersea escorts is a totally different experience from living in Soho and working in Soho. I am sure that many girls move, or swap, agencies because they like a bit of change of scenery. Anyway, that is the main reason why I do it. Also, you get a chance to meet gents in other parts of London.

Most of the girls that I work with at Battersea escorts have moved around a bit. A lot of the girls started their escorts careers in places in north London. This is perhaps a bit of a training ground for London escorts, and a lot of the girls do start their careers here. I started my escorts career at Heathrow, and that was kind of an interesting experience. To be fair, it was a bit like a baptism of fire, and I cannot say that I really enjoyed it. However, I soon got into the swing of things and started to enjoy escorting.

Some of the girls that I am friends with outside of Battersea escorts think that I am a bit strange. At the same time, they are really jealous of all of the money that I earn. I know that they may not fancy having a go at escorting, but it is not a bad career really. Most of the girls work in offices or in stores in London, their salaries are really poor when compared to mine. I don’t think that I would be happy to work for that sort of money at all.

I am going to make Battersea escorts my last escorts job in London. A couple of my friends that I used to work with in central London have moved to Surrey. I know that I said that I would not want to leave London, but I don’t really have to. We all forget that Richmond is in Surrey, and I am rather beginning to like Richmond. I have been out a few times, and I kind of like the atmosphere. It is a bit less rushed than other parts of London, and I like the fact that it is greener. You can still enjoy the river, and central London is not far away.

Notting Hill escorts

The Notting Hill escorts are sometimes called the Carnival escorts. Notting Hill is situated in South London, and more and more gents seem to want to date there. The Better Sex Guide thought that we should have a chat to the gents who date in this part of London, and find out what they think about the escorts services in Notting Hill. Some of the agencies in this part of London are rather new, and have not been in business for that long. It may explain why it isn’t so popular to date in South London yet, and why a lot of gents still date in central London.

Steven has been dating Notting Hill escorts for about a year. I have to be honest and say that the girls in Notting Hill really do deliver an excellent service. All of the ladies that I have met here are super sexy and I do not any longer date in central London. The girls are just hot and sexy as all of the ladies that I met in London, and I have enjoyed meeting and dating every single one of them so far. I know that a lot of gents have started to date here.

Notting Hill escorts are doing a great job, says Nick. The problem is that so many gents only assume that you can date hot girls in central London, but that isn’t so at all. You can easily find just as many hot girls in this part of town as you can in central London. As a matter of fact, I have met some of the sexiest ladies in my life here. What I really like is that there is a good mix. You can date black escorts in Notting Hill as well, and that makes a huge difference.

I can see why Notting Hill escorts are called the Carnival girls, laughs Peter. The girls that I date really know how to move. One of the girls that I date on a regular basis is called Trish, and she is a hot bit of stuff from Jamaica. She is a superb little dancer and can dance for me any time she likes. This year she danced in the Carnival and she had some really hot samba moves. When she spends time with me, she is just as hot and I love every minute of her company. I would recommend dating in Notting Hill to all local gents.

The biggest problem seems to be that the hot babes of Notting Hill find it hard to advertise. Just like many other agencies across the UK and London, they find it hard to find a publication that will accept their adverts. It is kind of disappointing that we can’t be more open about escorts services here in the UK. We are still very hung up about adult entertainment and adult fun, and that may not change for a very long time. Maybe it would help if the government gave the industry its own tax code and actually recognized that it exists.

Dating Black girls in Richmond

Dear Better Sex Guide,

I would love to date black escorts but I just don’t know where to start. The simple truth is that I have never dated any escorts and I am kind of worried. It sounds like a really exciting experience for me to try. At the moment I am living in Richmond and it would be ideal if there are black Richmond escorts. It would be so much easier to date girls in my local area after I come home from work. I am getting all excited just thinking about it and I hope there are some really hot girls in Richmond

I started getting into black girls after watching some hot porn movies. Ideally I would like to do duo dating but I thought I would tackle some normal dating first of all. I am a keen collector of porn movies so I have experienced and seen all different types of black girls. My dream holiday would be to Hedonism II in Jamaica but I would like to travel there with a very hot black girl. How do you know if the escort is what you are looking for? I have looked on Richmond escorts web site and seem some services that I don’t quite understand. Can you explain please. Thank Brian

Dear Brian,

Okay, dating Richmond escorts and watching porn movies are two completely different experiences. A lot of gents think that they are ready to date hot escorts but in fact they are not. The best thing for you to do is to find out a bit more about the many different services escorts offer. First of all give the agency a call and explain what you are looking for and that you are new to dating escorts. They might have some girls who are really experienced in dealing with new dates.

Richmond escorts services suggest that you arrange your first date over a longer period of time. That means perhaps two hours instead of the standard one. It will give the escort of your choice the opportunity to explain a bit more about her services and the many different fun adult things that you can enjoy on a date with an escorts. Dating an escort can be a really exciting experience and you need to make sure that you are ready to enjoy yourself. So, make sure that you are relaxed and remember to stay very open minded.

Richmond escorts services have been in business for a very long time so you are in good hands. The girls will indeed look after you. You will quickly find that you will get to know how things work at an escorts agency. Remember that some of the more popular girls could be very busy and if you want to meet a particular girl, you could perhaps have to wait. It is really important to be honest about your needs and desires. Just tell the escort of your dreams what you would like to do on your date and she will look after you.